Sunday, November 26, 2017

Eliminating Article Directories From The Bum Marketing Chain

Eliminating Article Directories From The Bum Marketing Chain
For the sake of pragmatic Bum Marketing, this should be an eye-opener for any practitioner of the process. I opened accounts at both EzineArticles and ArticlesBase about two weeks ago, and (no surprise on the part of this author) NEITHER submission has been published yet - as you can tell by these two following images;
Date Submitted: Nov. 13, 2017

Date Submitted: Nov. 13, 2017
Now, I understand that there is a need for the monitoring of new author content quality, but these two directories seem to have submission publishing schedules bordering upon insanity.

In the scheme of the Bum Marketing signal chain, a period of TWO WEEKS is untenable to the average practitioner! Can you imagine how much content I could've pumped out in that time?!? This also speaks to the necessity of eliminating article directories from the bum marketing chain. How in the name of all sanity are you supposed to make money online?!?

For me, personally, it has no bearing as I'm exploiting the links to these high-PR VREs. I'd LOVE to be able to get cracking and fill both accounts with high-quality content, driving laser-targeted, pre-qualified BUYER traffic to my personal products and services.

Whatever my suspicions are about the approval process, I'm not waiting around for either of their pathetically slug-slow asses (lol!). I'm already drilling-down into the Web 2.0 Property listing that I'm actively building. Besides, why wouldn't I create high-quality content that's pretty much INJECTED straight into the search engine indexes?!?

I'm going to enjoy how article directories that don't have instant publishing policies start to languish from 2018 onward since video happens to comprise almost seventy-percent of marketing publishing and traffic. Yeh, that's it - cut yer own throats and lose out. Banking on it.


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