Sunday, November 19, 2017

Redefining Bum Marketing In The Make Money Online Context

Redefining Bum Marketing In The Make Money Online Context
Traditional Article Marketing VS. Bum Article Marketing

Using The  'Bum Marketing' Content Strategy WAS Effective For The Last Few Years...But Now It Needs A Tuneup!

As a student of the Bum Marketing methodology, I've had my share of (limited) successes, but, lately, have been searching for a way to twist this time-tested process to fit my own needs.

Tiring of the rat-race involved in ranking for articles for someone elses' products and services, I want to see how far I can push the envelope while still remaining true to the core philosophy posed by this technique.

It's clear that the playing field has changed for both this strategy, and its' practitioners, what with the disappearance of GoArticles, the addition of a Premium option by EzineArticles (designed to short-circuit publishing waits), and the hostility towards affiliate links and linkage.

These factors have combined to just about tear the backside off of this discipline. How are you supposed to make money online from your chosen affiliate revenue vehicle when you're forbidden from even planting your link in the text of the article, confined to just the author bio?

Its time to think OUTSIDE the box! In this case, outside the whole enclosure of the "article directory" as a source of laser-targeted BUYER traffic. The main obstacle being their replacement with a high-quality, DIRECT traffic source (appealing to search engines as well).

You also need this replacement to be instant publishing as the main asset in bum marketing is speed. The more articles or content bearing your optimized long-tail keyword phrase out in print, the more targeted traffic predisposed to your product or service will find what you're offering.

Under-utilized, Web 2.0 properties are the new bum marketing landing targets. As these properties are either root by-products of the engines themselves (this blogosphere network = Google, Tumblr = Yahoo), or possess super-gravitational traffic attraction orbits (WordPress, HubPages, Squidoo) that ensure there's an audience for you, ripe for the picking, there are more than a dozen you can just signup for, setup, and go to town on.

Bum Marketing VS. Article Marketing...
Do Either Still Work For Online Marketers?!?


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