Saturday, December 16, 2017

How 100 Percent Unique Articles Help You Make Money Online Bum Marketing

How 100 Percent Unique Articles Help You Make Money Online Bum Marketing
As a content generation freelancer, my main strength is the content that I put my name on. I'M the article idea generator, employing my brain to elevate my content topics above anyone else I may be competing with on any level. I LOVE how many lazy people there are trying to take the shortcut to the rankings game; employing automation to attempt to dupe the search engines, or any other deceptive avenue to replace good, old-fashioned high-quality content creation elbow-grease to help you make money online bum marketing.

Just a few hours ago, I was surfing around, trying to get some inspiration when I stumbled onto a YouTube™ video for an IM software known as "Article Buddy™. I won't lie to you, INITIALLY, it was super-appealing as it had some very salient time-saving features. As I threaded through the video, I came to the realization that it targeted those with no content generation skills whatsoever. A tool like this in MY hands would be a deadly thing, as my talent-level is only enhanced by anything I choose to use."

It also got me shaking with laughter as I saw that it'd been sold on and off again since 2014, meaning that it had been gotten hold of by an innumerable group of content hacks who weren't even able to write themselves out of a soaking wet paper bag. Probably a lot of microjob site freelancers who quickly discovered that their potential customers either already knew about the tool or were already using it to cut out the outsourcing middleman. As of 2017, I've seen neither hide nor hair of the thing, but judging from the sprinkling of videos I managed to locate, it wasn't too much of a hit with those seeking to create 100 percent unique articles to help them make money online bum marketing.

All this lets me know is that I've always been on the right path in relation to this enterprise. I have NO PROBLEM with employing tools in my content generation process. I just don't let the tools take over the CREATION process. Even when spintaxing PLR articles, my lexicon is deep and wide enough that I can usually come up with creative synonyms as alternatives so that any article spinner will have more than enough quality to provide truly unique content that someone searching for that information will not only read and get understanding from, but also be inspired to either click through to the sales page, or click on an ad within that article text.

And with the coming year promising to weed out even more semiotic weaklings, it's time to get your content game on write (sic!) in order to consistently create 100 percent unique articles to help you make money online bum marketing. In fact, it's not as hard as many of the Lazies make out - I even compiled an eBook of sure-fire techniques to help satisfy content generation freelancers, their customer base, AND (lastly) the search engines so that EVERYBODY wins.

As I found methods to update it, I got a chance to get them in before the first copy has even sold, so I don't have to worry about a Volume 2 so early in the game. In fact, one of the methods I outline in the book kicks out the legs from underneath the previously-mentioned software in the area of video transcription - and it's a freely-accessible resource that hardly anyone knows about (and I haven't seen mention of in any of the numerous marketing forums frequented).

Mr Lee Davis is the owner/admin of, an instant publishing site for news, articles, information, multimedia, and infographic submissions along with exposure to profitable opportunities associated with content creation.

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