Wednesday, December 6, 2017

How To NOT Make Money Online Bum Marketing...

How To NOT Make Money Online Bum Marketing...
If you're a writer practicing multiple ways to make money online bum marketing, you know one of the fastest and easiest ways to leverage content for cash is in the microjobs site niche. With #ContentMarketing projected as 20% of the overall online business promotional strategy for 2018, there are all types of content brokerage firms and copywriting services crawling microjob sites scouting for talent that they can leverage to their own ends. 

Being that content generation is a multi-billion dollar enterprise, the game has always been to buy low and sell high. The game isn't the problem; it's the current practitioners. Knowing full well it's completely a BUYERS' market, some of them engage in almost Dark Side Force Choke tactics when approaching those they see as a good fit for their low-wage content mills. 

I don't fault them for trying, as they have their job to do to satisfy their clientele, but I'll never be caught like a deer in the headlights by that tack, ever. If I've gotten $35 for five pieces of content in places like DigitalPoint Marketplace, I know there's BIG money to be spent on quality content, and I ain't coppin' to no pennies, no sirree, Bob(lol!).

I was taught that you got what you accepted when it comes to how you deal with people and situations. My situation is that I've honed my skills over the years to be able to produce magazine-level quality content, and I expect to be fully recompensed for it. I have nothing but these hack job wannabe "employers" trying to co-opt my talent and show me nothing for it.

As a multiple microjob site account holder as well as an independent content generation freelancer who also is on the make money online bum marketing mission, I learned that the only way I could truly keep it about being a passionate love interest is to set the terms of engagement totally in my own favor, where I reap the maximum reward from the minimum work.

It's the mindset I grew to deal with the predatory leveraging that goes on in the content marketplace/microjobs site axis, and now lets me enjoy putting in the work to over-produce a job for a PAYING buyer. They're out there, but the difference is they're looking for real quality, and willing to spend the money to cultivate the long-term relationship. 97% of the buyers currently in this market are not in this category.

I'm almost falling over on my ass laughing as this is one of the sneakiest attempts at leverage I've ever experienced. First, they want to confirm things that they could've taken ten seconds to go to my profile to figure out for themselves (indicating they expect that I'll be doing all the heavy profit-lifting for them).

Secondly, they think by challenging my self-assurance in my ability with the written word, they're going to sneakily collect high-quality content that they'll have re-written for pennies and pimped out to their clientele. Thirdly, the $5 for 500 words feels like when the hoe on the corner gets approached by the gorilla pimp with brute force, rather than seductive persuasion.

I learned awhile ago that you'll only profit in the content marketplaces and microjob sites if you plan to make money online bum marketing your own products and services so it doesn't turn into a drag, seeing you leaping through hoops of flame for nickles and dimes while your "employers" leverage your talent and passion to multiple thousands of dollars in clientele contracts. Sometimes Life ain't fair... 

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