Sunday, December 10, 2017

Keyword Research To Help You Make Money Online Bum Marketing

Keyword Research To Help You Make Money Online Bum Marketing
To place well in the search engines is to master one, single skill; keyword research. As it's the primary way people find information useful to their mission, I find far too many #Marketers just jump out there on the road without proper research of their own to ensure they're picking a long-tail phrase that most accurately describes their product or service.

Of course you'll follow time-tested principles like ensuring that your targeted phrase has between one and five thousand optimized results, but, it's more important to find the perfect fit for your project as you're not simply a random affiliate trying to make money online bum marketing.

For example, my construction of this blog underwent rigorous, in-depth investigation to find the best fit with my projected subject matter. Starting with "Make Money Online", that optimized result level reached over 15 million indexed returns. WAAAYY too much competition!

Firing up the AdWords account, I began to drill-down deeper to grab hold of relevant keyword nuggets for a skin-tight fitting to my subject;

"make money online with articles" (10,700 results)
"how to make money online with articles" (1 result(?!?))

At this point, I had to alter my phrase as I wasn't getting quite the results I was after. With a little luck and elbow grease, I finally got something;

"make money online bum marketing" (291 results - PERFECT!!!)

I'd found phrases that were just a little over the 1k-to-5k optimized results range, but they weren't anywhere near my focal targets. It's also important to not let the numbers overwhelm you; as long as you're in decent range, and the long-tail key phrase fits for your project, you should be able to make money online bum marketing.

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