Wednesday, January 3, 2018

The Human Cost Of Trying To Make Money Online Bum Marketing

The Human Cost Of Trying To Make Money Online Bum Marketing
Derp after finding out the pursuit of his life-long marketing career was bankrupted by Derpina

Even the creator of the method, Mr. Travis Sago, by a video of his own accounting, tells the story of the near-estrangement between him and his wife as he was searching for his smash-hit idea of how to make money online bum marketing.

 But his is not a unique story. Or even a slightly uncommon one. It's part-and-parcel of the struggle in this viciously unsympathetic enterprise some of us live.

The problem is in the whole notion of the "Online Marketing" niche. See, ninety-nine percent of those attempting to achieve a certain standard, have been hornswoggled and bamboozled by an elite circle of (so-called) upper-tier practitioners having spread the utterly-noxious lie of the "Laptop Lifestyle", where these types hang out at cafes and terraces (or on jets and yachts) while they bank thousands of dollars a day. In about 2-to-3 hours (yeh...Oh Kay, lol!).

Don't get me wrong, there are people out there doing WAY more than just trying to make money online bum marketing for a Clickbank™ inventory or laying down untenable lies for the poor, desperate suckers; case in point: Jeff Noyes.


All you have to do is watch and listen while he gets busy with some ol' Web 3.0 biz. Just diggin' on some of his concepts, I'm getting traction. 

As far as the idea of having "made it", The fact that I can do everything I need to without paying for a tool (exempting Web Hosting, and as soon as I hash THAT out, buh-bye, lol!), have the skills that allow me to make as much as I can successfully dominate a part of the market with, and be able to help keep a roof over a family's head is about as good as I need to be on that level of thinking. This way, I don't succumb and am able to make money online bum marketing and not have a shitty, idiot of a boss.

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