Saturday, April 21, 2018

Tracking The Process Of How To Make Money Online Bum Marketing

Tracking The Process Of How To Make Money Online Bum Marketing

As I haven't really made a power post since earlier this year, I decided to track the progress of the content centered around my long-tail keyword phrase choice in "make money online bum marketing";
From the listings with quotes, my domain is 5th place, my WordPress Blog is in 9th place, and my Google+ Profile is in 10th place. Not bad traction, eh (lol!)? So that means that my content is out and up someones' eyeballs doing work.

I'm spurred on by these results about the domain rank category, but then I think that this is one keyword phrase of the many it qualifies for and doesn't warrant worry as I'm looking to attract those trying to make money online bum marketing.

Elevation of the make money online bum marketing game is about to catch a new ratchet (lol!). Having just generated a method to pump specific long-tailed keyword phrase article content into my inventory like water, I'm busy double-dipping on the profit frontiers by hooking it up as a service at microjob sites and using the idea to generate a posse of profit-minded writers.

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