Friday, May 11, 2018

Make Money Online Bum Marketing Original Content Products

Make Money Online Bum Marketing Original Content Products

My latest giveaway is in pursuit of the quest to make money online bum marketing original information product in the form of pre-monetized instant downloads.

As one of my various, divergent interests, Safelist Psycho is a distillation of what I found worked for multiple scenarios of advertised items on the free ad networks.

Contact me, post-purchase, with subject line, "Where's The Bribe?"
And even with the pre-monetization aspect to afford me the ability to keep this a no-fee item, I'm still including a number of affiliateship options to augment the information, like that of my tool of choice above.
With the extras tool and info folder included with the PDF tutorial packs more value than fee-based products in a similar vein (I checked, lol!).


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