Sunday, August 26, 2018

Expanding Platforms To Make Money Online Bum Marketing

Expanding Platforms To Make Money Online Bum Marketing

Having finalized the recreation of the subdomain, now the object is to propagate it amongst the search engines in the fastest amount of time and let the new edifice do its' job. As a portal landing page, it has a fair few features helping it thrust itself into recognition in the Online Marketing niche. As well, it's monetized simply and effectively, ensuring I really don't have to do anything but publish as it'll help sell itself. At the moment while I'm typing this, I'm laying odds on whether the way I've constructed the whole affair will cause my current server to crash as the trafic will be fast and furious once word gets out about just what the site is.
I really feel like I have a few aces up my sleeve for the current marketing poker game I'm about to be involved in. If all goes well, I'll be hated by a bunch of people whose money I'm going to snatch right out of their pockets without even making one sale (lol!).

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